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Igor Stojanovski
Head of transport and trade summary
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Organization of transport

Marjan Zafirovski
Organization of transport
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Aleksandar Spasovski
Organization of transport
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Land Transport

Organization of transport is one of the core activities of our company.


1. Road transport:

Finding the optimum logistics solutions to meet the complex requirements of customers for the "door to door" delivery of their shipments, using the most sophisticated multi-modal transport solutions and ramified transport network throughout Europe is the main activity of our transport sector.

We specialize in organization of all types of land transport. We organize the transport of dangerous goods under ADR convention, transport of bulk goods truck - tipper, transport of loads with oversized dimensions and heavy weights, transport of goods under a temperature regime with the truck - refrigerator, mass transport to all European destinations.

2. Rail transport

Arrange rail transport of goods in individual packages, a group of coaches and block composition trains, transport of dangerous goods, special charges, preparation of calculation for transport in the country and abroad, and operational monitoring of wagons, carriages requisition, control of the correctness of rail freight papers.


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