V I A T O R & V E K T O R

Customs Clearance

Viator & Vektor Skopje has a years-long tradition in customs clearance and transit procedures. With our wide network of 15 branch offices and team of 47 licensed customs reperesentatives by customs administation of Republic of North Macedonia, and more than 60.000 customs declarations annually, makes Viator & Vektor Skopje one of the biggest companies in the area of customs clearance in North Macedonia.

Take a look at the customs services we offer and choose one.

Viator & Vektor handles import or export clearance in both regular and temporary import/export procedures, regardless of the tariff numbers, and the type of the cargo. All you need is to fill and sign authorization form and provide your company balance sheet.

Customs authorization form

The rest is our concern.

Our team of highly skilled, experienced and professional employees successfully perform the customs clearance of any type of goods, ensuring your business and logistics operations always to be in accordance with the customs law of North Macedonia.

Wide range of services for customs representation:

– Regular/temporary import and export, reexport procedures
– Inward and outward processing
– Simplified procedures for local customs
clearance in import and export
– Preparation of documents for transit and simplified procedure-authorized sender
– Cargo registering in the customs warehouse through the simplified procedure-authorized receiver
– All procedures in the free economic zones in North Macedonia

We go beyond the limits!

Оur network of 16 subsidiaries of which 6 are border branch offices, offers you the preparation of customs and transit documentation 24/7/365.

To our clients and transporters, Viator & Vektor offers international transit customs procedure which enables easier and faster movement of goods by filling a single transit declaration. The transit declaration is made in electronic form in the place of departure and is valid up to the destination point, within the Contracting Parties to the convention. Republic of Macedonia is a member of the Convention for common transit procedure (NCTS) from July 2015. Other members of the Conventions are the countries from EU, EFTA, Turkey and Serbia. NCTS is the basis for the transit procedure which enables exchange of electronic messages between the parties involved in the customs procedure as well as between the customs offices. For this purpose Viator & Vektor Skopje has transit guarantee, verified by the Customs Authorities, in the amount of 520.000.000 MKD (8.500.000 EUR).

As leaders in the International transit we are especially proud of the fact that the first international transit of tobacco in the South East Europe was made by Viator & Vektor.