V I A T O R & V E K T O R


While small groupage shipments are usually consolidated in warehouses because of the economic benefits, our product V&V Cargo Direct is intended for larger shipments where consolidation and manipulation are limited due to various economic reasons. This product is available for general and ADR cargo.

V&V Cargo Direct is a fast and flexible solution for your shipments that exceed 2500kg.

Do you have a shipment that is less than a full truck load?

Contact us and ask for an offer for V&V Cargo Direct and optimize your transport cost.

V&V Cargo Max enables you to book an entire truck only with your goods that will be collected from the address of the sender and delivered to your address. V&V Cargo Max is suitable for full truck loads and customers that have larger shipping quantities. This product is available for all type of goods: general cargo, temperature controlled and ADR cargo.

One of the most important features of V&V Cargo Max is its reliability. The vehicles used to transport V&V Cargo Max are in compliance with the highest standards in the modern logistics: responsible and accurate drivers, 24 hour available position of the vehicles, GPS vehicle tracking, CMR insurance.

V&V Cargo Max is widely utilized for many years by many of our clients from various industries, such as the automotive, food and beverage, and metal processing industry.

V&V Cargo Express as a product it is specially designed to satisfy both, the most challenging loads with delivery deadlines and
last-minute deliveries. Using vehicles that comply with the highest standards in the modern logistics we meet your requirements.

This product, for many years, is used by our customers from the automotive industry.

You are running late with delivery of your cargo?

Do not be devastated! Request for a solution with V&V Cargo Express and the rest is our concern.

Local distribution

For the needs of our operations, mostly as an extension for the V&V Pallet Network, as well for the additional warehouse services, which are usually accompanied with a delivery of the shipment to the client’s address, we have established a distribution network throughout North Macedonia.

Groupage consignments intended for import, are firstly unloaded in our customs warehouse and after the customs clearance procedure is done, shipments are delivered to client’s destination address. The local delivery of the shipments for the territory of the City of Skopje is organized within 24 hours after the import clearance procedure is done, and for all other cities throughout Macedonia, shipments are delivered within 48 hours after the import customs clearance is done.

In cases, when import customs clearance procedure cannot be done at the Skopje Customs office (e.g. temporary import), consignments shall be delivered under T1 to specified customs terminal at destination.

The delivery under T1 has higher expenses compared to the delivery of already cleared consignments because of the additional real costs (T1 and destination terminal costs), but mostly because the limitations of mixing the customs and non-customs goods in Macedonia.

Groupage consignments intended for export should be export customs cleared either in Skopje or at the borders customs points. For the territory of Skopje, a collection is performed within 24 hours before the departure of the groupage line for export, and 48 hours for all other remaining cities in Macedonia.

With the wide network of partners we can transfer your small shipments worldwide.

V&V Air Cargo product allows you to choose the parity door to door, door to airport, airport to doorwith costs for customs representation, document preparation and storage costs included as well.

V&V Sea Cargo Max offers customized solutions for your container transport. For higher reliability we offer you logistic solutions on EXW and FOB parity (Incoterms) with providing accurate status for your goods.