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V&P Pallet Network

“V&V Pallet Network is intended for customers that have smaller, palletized groupage shipments up to 2,500 kg, with maximum pallet height of 220 cm.”

Air Freight

“With the wide network of partners we can transfer your small shipments worldwide. V&V Air Cargo product allows you to choose the parity “door to door”, “door to airport”, “airport to door”with costs for customs representation, document preparation and storage costs included as well.”

Emaley Mcculloch
Founder ceo

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    V&V Pallet Network VS V&V Cargo Direct

    Although both products correspond to groupage transport, there is still a significant difference between the product V&V Pallet Network and V&V Cargo Direct and the key is in the consolidation of the shipment.

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    V&V Cargo Max VS
    V&V Cargo Express

    One of the principles of the modern logistics trends and the bases of the modern manufacturing relies on the “Just in time” philosophy, where parts are delivered on an as-needed basis. Both products are designed on the basis of this philosophy and are intended for direct transport from exporter loading warehouse to the final receiver.

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    Custom Warehouse & Value Added Services

    Many companies that cannot handle large storage capacity is growing. Whether they are small-sized, medium or large companies all are facing with the same issue, how much space is sufficient for storage, the amount of its costs, and how this will affect their business.

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