V I A T O R & V E K T O R

Customs Bonded Warehouse

Viator & Vektor offers customs bonded warehouse solutions in total area of 7000 m2, where 5000 m2 are closed customs bonded warehouse and 2000 m2 are open space customs bonded warehouse.

Part of this space of 260 m2 is intended for storing goods on temperature regime of 20-250C, and part of 20 m2 is intended for storing goods on temperature regime of 02-080C.

We offer complete warehouse operations such as shipment manipulation (loading / unloading / reloading), receipt, storage and dispatch of shipments.

The customs bonded warehouse has licenses for authorized consignee and authorized sender, which allows the vehicle upon arrival in the country to be sent directly for unloading in our customs warehouse without having to appear at the customs terminal. If necessary, the vehicle can unload only one part of the goods, and with the other part to continue directly to the final destination inland or abroad.












Feel free to entrust your cargo to Viator & Vektor. All the shipments at our customs bonded warehouse are treated with care and high attention.

Our warehouse is under 24-hour video-surveillance and has internal security service.

Our bonded warehouse customs guarantees:

1.600.000 EUR for customs storage

800.000 EUR for temporary storage

The high customs guarantee we have, allows us storing any type of goods: textile, alcohol, tobacco, spare parts, electronics, etc.

Customs duties and VAT generally apply to most products imported into North Macedonia. Our long-term experienced customs agents will proceed with the import / export clearance of your goods with efficiency all in accordance with the customs law and the proper tariff numbers.

Optimization of customs duties deferred payments can be achieved by unloading and storing the goods in the customs bonded warehouse and its successive import customs clearance procedure. With this, import duties are paid only for needed goods. The rest of the goods remains in our customs warehouse until needed.

Our team of dedicated employees will take care your shipment to be correctly sorted, packed and delivered. Quickly and flawlessly.

Our bonded warehouse is linked to the customs system which helps the discharge of the goods always to be accurate and permits you to have availability of your cargo position 24/7 during our warehouse working hours.

According your needs, for easier further manipulation, delivery, etc. we can unpack and repack your shipment.

Each product intended for the Macedonian market must have product declaration in Macedonian language. In case the product itself does not have Macedonian declaration printed on the package, we could label the product for you. Our warehouse specialist will take care each product to have the proper Macedonian declaration.

Your benefits from warehouse logistics

Added value throughout the supply chain

Outsourcing of key warehouse logistics activities

Digitalization of the process WMS Warehouse Management System

Flexible solutions to complete logistics in accordance to your needs

Аdded throughout the supply chain

Completely structured logistics concept accompanied with modern IT solution for tracking the process

Cost optimization, increased efficiency and competitive advantage

High quality level and individual approach

Professional support and tracking entire logistics process