V I A T O R & V E K T O R

Pallet Network

V&V Pallet Network is intended for customers that have smaller, palletized groupage shipments up to 2,500 kg,
with maximum pallet height of 220 cm.

V&V Pallet Network as a product it is specially designed to meet the demands of modern business, in terms of optimization of the supply chain process. This product assists you in the way of planning the procurement of raw materials, planning the delivery of the finished product and optimizing its stocks. V&V Pallet Network allows you to plan and optimize your stock and meet the demands of your esteemed clients at the same time, without the pressure to engage additional funds and resources.

V&V Pallet Network is available for transport of general and ADR cargo as well.

Key features of V&V Pallet Network are:


Pick up within 24/48 hours from transport offer confirmation and receipt of pick-up details.


Timely shipment delivery at the designated destination in accordance to the specified transit time/date stated in the transport offer.


With V&V Pallet Network you can deliver and receive your smaller, palletized groupage shipments up to 2,500 kg to and from all countries across Europe.

For the purpose of V&V Pallet Network, Viator & Vektor together with our international logistics partners, developed a wide, comprehensive and reliable network of groupage hubs all across Europe. This network enables fast, safe and cost-efficient transport of your shipments.

Italy, Milano / 2 weekly departures (Tuesday & Friday)

Spain, Barcelona / 1 weekly departure (Wednesday)

Полска, Катовице / 1 тргнување неделно (Петок)

Slovenia, Ljubljana / 2 weekly departures (Tuesday & Friday)

Romania, Timisoara / 2 weekly departures (Tuesday & Friday)

Serbia, Belgrade / 3 weekly departures (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday)

Greece, Athens & Thessaloniki / 1 weekly departure separate (Friday)

Turkey, Istanbul / 1 weekly departure (Friday)

Kosovo, Prishtina / 2 weekly departures (Tuesday & Thursday)

Albania, Tirana / 1 weekly departure (Friday)

2-3 working days: Serbia

5-7 working days: Italy, Slovenia, BiH, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania

6-8 working days: Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Turkey

9-11 working days: United Kingdom, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Portugal.

Starting point for calculation of the transit time starts upon the collection and after the export customs clearance of the shipment.

Transit time is estimated and not guaranteed.


The V&V Sea Pallet Network is designed to offer affordable shipping costs and solutions for smaller LCL shipments to the customers.

This product gives flexibility and allows logistics optimization in a way that customers can purchase a few pallets without booking an entire container.

V&V Sea Pallet Network proved to be a perfect solution for smaller palletized shipments from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Tunisia, Morocco etc. to Macedonia. We offer wide range of possibilities and solutions for smaller shipments in sea freight, on any Incoterms Parity (EXW, FOB, CIF, DAP, etc.).

Frequently, when transport of LCL container shipments is organized on CIF parity, or when the sea freight is paid by the sender, sometimes the consignee could face with high hidden, additional costs at the destination port. In order to avoid these costs, we provide our clients complete groupage sea freight transportation on EXW or FOB parity, where they will avoid any hidden costs and problems related to the delivery of their cargo.

Through our network of agents we provide full services for groupage LCL and FCL shipments from the largest ports in the region such as Piraeus and Thessaloniki in Greece, Rijeka in Croatia, Koper in Slovenia and Durres in Albania.