V I A T O R & V E K T O R

Many companies that cannot handle large storage capacity is growing. Whether they are small-sized, medium or large companies all are facing with the same issue, how much space is sufficient for storage, the amount of its costs, and how this will affect their business.

In small-sized businesses where product turnover is small, using own storage space brings high costs (direct and indirect, overhead costs, labor cost etc.)

Medium and large companies beside the fact that they usually have storage facilities, when at certain time of the year the product flow exceeds their capacity are forced to look for additional storage space.

To our esteemed clients we offer complete solution appropriate to their needs for storage space.

We have a customs bonded warehouse and non-bonded warehouse.

In our customs bonded warehouse we offer a possibility to receive and store shipments subject to customs supervision with an option for deferment import, basically meaning a temporary postponement of the duties and Import VAT payment. 

In our non-bonded, regular warehouse we offer more storage options and value added services, such as: sorting, quality control, labeling, commissioning, packing / repackaging, “cross-dock” operations.