V I A T O R & V E K T O R

Although both products correspond to groupage transport, there is still a significant difference between the product V&V Pallet Network and V&V Cargo Direct and the key is in the consolidation of the shipment.

V&V Cargo Direct

V&V Cargo Direct is a product intended for shipments where consolidation is economically efficient in terms of the costs arising for the local collection and manipulation in the main hubs. Mainly V&V Cargo Direct is suitable for large shipments where the loading exceeds shipments with where gross weight that exceeds 2500kg.Dedicated loading space is reserved for the client and shipments are loaded with an international truck directly with from exporter loading warehouse and are delivered directly to the importer. Consequently, the name of the product is V&V Cargo Direct.

V&V Cargo Direct

Mainly this shipments are ranging from one box to 1-2 pallets. From the aspect of logistics this shipments have gross weight up to 2500kg. The collection of this shipments is made locally with smaller vehicles, from the exporter loading warehouse address to the main distribution hub of our partners, where consolidation is made and shipments are loaded into the international truck to the final hub in the destination country, and from there to the consignee’s destination address.

Achieving competitive prices for this kind of shipments depends mainly on the logistics network through Europe and the World. Consequently the name of this product is V&V Pallet Network.


  Our long-term experience in the logistics allowed us to collaborate with wide network of partners and to offer very competitive prices and reliable services to our clients.

  We won’t say that our partners are one of the largest logistics companies, but for sure they are the most reliable and highly qualified foreign freight forwarders, something that makes us very proud.

  Within our partnership network you will not be considered only as a number in the basket full of other shipment.

  The product V&V Sea Pallet Network is accessible as well in the Sea Freight and Multimodal transport.