V I A T O R & V E K T O R

One of the principles of the modern logistics trends and the bases of the modern manufacturing relies on the “Just in time” philosophy, where parts are delivered on an as-needed basis. Both products are designed on the basis of this philosophy and are intended for direct transport from exporter loading warehouse to the final receiver. The difference between both is in the shipment quantity and the transit time.

V&V Cargo Max

VV Cargo Max is a product where entire truck space is available for on client. Depending on the quantity and the type of goods subjected to be transported there are different types of trucks: Curtain side truck, mega trailer, reefer trailer, box trailer and etc. In road transport there are several mandatory transport regulation (hours breaks, tachographs, drivers driving hours etc.). Besides planned deadline for the loading and delivery of the goods, faster transit time is sometimes required by the clients.

V&V Cargo Express

In some situations, where faster transit time is required, due to the emergency and necessity of a shipment, comes the need of the product VV Cargo Express.

VV Cargo Express is available with vans, that are limited in the aspect of available loading space (usually up to 5 euro pallets with maximum gross weight of 1200kg), but does not follow the mandatory transport regulations such as in the heavy vehicles, resulting with shorter (faster) transit time.