V I A T O R & V E K T O R


  • Long-term experience and tradition
  • 15 branch offices throughout Republic of North Macedonia!
  • Trustworthy network of international partners!
  • Professional, highly skilled and polite employees!
  • Flexible, quick, reliable, dedicated!
  • ALL-IN ONE PLACE, complete logistics solutions!


Viator & Vektor DOO Skopje today counts over 75 highly motivated and professional employees, prepared to respond to all challenges in the field of logistics.

Our tradition of professional staff development, through personalized training approach results with dedication, commitment and responsibility, that contributes building a strong partnership with many renowned foreign and domestic companies.

In its portfolio of services Viator & Vektor DOO Skopje offers the following modern logistics solutions: road, see and air freight, customs services, customs warehousing, warehouse logistics and distribution.

With 15 branch offices throughout the territory of Republic of North Macedonia and more than 21 million euro annual gross turnover Viator & Vektor DOO Skopje is a dominant company in the field of transport logistics.


Viator & Vektor DOO Skopje is one of the oldest, leading logistic companies in North Macedonia. Its beginnings date back to 1947 when in Belgrade, Former Yugoslavia, the company Transhped Belgrade was founded. In 1961 the company established its first branch office on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia in the city of Gevgelija, and after the declaration of independence of Republic of North Macedonia the company restructured in Transhped Macedonia. In 2008 the company was taken over by Viator & Vektor Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2013 the company becomes fully owned by Macedonian private ownership and from that time exist as Viator & Vektor DOO Skopje.


1947 – Transhped Belgrade in Former Yugoslavia was founded

1961 – Transhped Belgrade opened the first branch office in Gevgelija, North Macedonia

1993 – Founding Transhped DOO Skopje

2008 – Viator & Vektor Ljubljana, Slovenia took ownership of Transhped DOO Skopje, rebranding it to Viator & Vektor Transhped DOO Skopje

2013 – Viator & Vektor DOO Skopje was founded